The Whisky n rum show 2023 Forum Købanhavn


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The Whisky N Rum Show 2023 is ready. Mark your calendars, for the 15th and 16th of September 2023, we are holding another fantastic whiskey and rum show in Forum Copenhagen, and you are invited.

If you order your ticket already today, we will give you a *DKK 100 discount. So if you missed the opportunity in 2022, you now have the opportunity to secure access to 1,000 bottles and a bombardment of tastes and impressions, masterclasses held by some of the very biggest. All this and much more you get right now DKK 100 cheaper than the normal price.

*The offer is valid until and including 31.12.2022

The whisky n rum show 2023 ticket save money

The Whisky N Rum Show Is On

After a long period without major sporting events in Copenhagen, The Whiskey N Rum Show will now be
a reality. The show puts the love of whiskey and the golden drops of rum at the center and
dishes up everything from cask-aged specialties to masterclasses, cocktail holes and of course… lots of delicious tastings. If you are a nerd, specialist, interested, beginner then there is something for everyone for this year’s Whiskey and rum show

Whisky live nordics

Whisky Live

Whiskey Live provides the ultimate whiskey experience for both enthusiasts and beginners. With Masterclasses, demonstrations and lectures from master distillers and brand ambassadors from around the world, The Whiskey N Rum show ensures the ultimate whiskey experience.

Nordic Rum fest glas

Nordic Rum Fest

NRF will present some of the biggest rum producers coming from all over the Caribbean and the rest of the world to tell you about their rum production and the brands they represent for the show As the only space show in the world, we present a fantastic initiative, namely a "Space School".

Get Spirits Carlo kommer til Tje Whisky N Rum Show

GetSpirits Distillery

In addition to all the stands, we are also setting up a Space School in collaboration with GetSpirits Distillery from Roskilde. Here you will be taken through how to produce rum, from the element to the finished product. You will learn about the terms such as "Head, heart and tail", it becomes exciting.

Forum Copenhagen københavn The whisky N romshow

Now in the Forum

We are changing venue to Forum Copenhagen. The date is 2. and September 3 and the experience is twice as big, because your ticket now gives access to both the whiskey and rum fair, which now takes place under the same roof on the same dates. That is. you get two festivals for the price of one festival.. 1,000 bottles on one ticket.

Look forward to meeting

Seale loves us and will come again 🥃🥃

The master distiller, and one of the perhaps greatest proponents of Barbados rum, Richard Seale, has agreed to come all the way from Barbados to Denmark to hold masterclasses for The Whisky N Rum Show 22 2. og 3. september. It’s going to be awesome.

Richard Seale, David Cid, Johnny Drejer, Daniel Bascunan

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